study, study! stickers

Study, Study! Sticker

So here is a printable freebies to motivate you and your studies. OK I KNOW IT’S HOLIDAY PERIOD BUT DAMMIT LET ME DO THIS. There are those who study in vacation too, right? Right?! Or those who’s struggling to get a seat in good universities. Right?

Originally made for a birthday present, this includes happy message like ‘I can do this’ and threat messages to force you and your brain. Muahahaha.

You can print them on sticker sheets or plain paper. BUT they’re the cutest when pasted in your boring-black-and-white textbooks.

I don’t know if someone even have the intention to; but don’t use this to make money, and kindly stick the @stellacyan stickers as well don’t remove the credits. <– me and my desperate actions to be recognized as an ‘artist’. ;u;


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