Birthday Popup Card Tutorial

What’s sweeter than getting a pop-up card made with effort for your birthday? By effort I mean something more than typing and posting pictures from your keyboard… Cough cough. Warm up your fingers because it’s time to meet glue and paper again!

I was making two for good friends I got in the postcard community I’m in, and thought that it’d be fun to share it as making pop-up card can be really tricky (at least for me). Worry no more, I have attached the .pdf file needed for the whole tiring exciting process. We’re going to start by preparing on what we need and will march on until you got yourself a flippin’ card.

What we’re going to need


  • Heavy A4 stock paper
  • Printer
  • The birthday pop up card .pdf file
  • Cutter & scissor
  • Glue
  • Ruler

Step 1: Print the file

popup-screenshotDownload and print the stellacyan’s birthday pop-up card guide on heavy A4 stock paper, preferably above 100 gsm. Untextured, glossy white paper work well, but black paper also looks good as the background of our vibrant card. In this case, I used a local ‘jasmine paper’ usually for wedding invitation. It has glittery effect and is thick enough for the project.

Step 2: Slice the paper

birthday-popup-card-cuttingPrepare your cutter and ruler to start cutting the paper. You can start with slicing the regular thick line on the .pdf file. The dashed lines are for outward folding, while the thin lines are where inward folding goes. You might want to lightly move your cutter through the thin lines to make them easier to fold later.

Step 3: Fold, fold, fold!

birthday-popup-card-foldFold your card according to the lines. You might be tempted to fold the paper into two, but I suggest to do this later when you done folding all parts. Hold all the foldings into their right position, then bend the paper. Stacking them between heavy books might be a good idea for now.

Step 4: Stick ’em

birthday-popup-card-stickNow to the part where we got our hands dirty with sticky glue. You can freely stick these elements the way you want, really. Make some new elements, replace, get that cute buttons, those magazine cuttings… Just make sure they fit!

Step 5: Finishing

birthday-popup-card-stick2Grab some drinks and host a party, because your card is almost done! I usually cut another stock paper in the same size of the card (in this case A5) and stick them to the back of it. This can be the same kind or maybe different patterned paper. However, I prefer to write the birthday wishes and message on the front of the card, so non-glossy paper is always my choice.



birthday-popup-card-detail2We can now get an envelope and mail our special birthday card, or in my case, wrap it in another paper and make them a postcard! I hope I did not confuse you with my English, and do not hesitate to tell me about your popup card on the comment below!

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  1. ovilia June 7, 2014 1:25 PM

    great, i wanna make too :)

  2. anggunarini February 13, 2015 6:59 PM

    Terima kasiihh infonyaa

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