Mumpung Masih Sempat

Melakukan apa yang ingin dilakukan mumpung masih ada waktu untuk melakukan.

Intro posting ini agak-agak boring sih. Kapan juga intro-nya seru? Aduh, maafin ya.

Sudah hampir sebulan ini gue keranjingan menggambar menggunakan pensil grafit. Menurut gue pensil menjadi super keren karena… Selama ini gue cuma tau guna pensil 2B sebagai alat untuk mengurek-ngurek kertas jawaban ujian. Ternyata bisa dibuat gambar hal-hal keren, woy! Lagi mencoba-coba berbagai cara dan alat, mulai dari blending stump sampe kneaded eraser dan cutton bud. Terus, alasan sebenernya sih karena cat air mahal (dan gue enggak tau cara makenya).

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Mural, Mural on the Wall.

This has been here for awhile, but this was my first time playing in a huge canvas better known as the… wall. Drawn on Villa Merah‘s wall — an awesome art course, really — in a day time by me, my ~teacher~, and a friend of mine Tasha. This mural was based on my very own doodle initially drawn for my (very) first art trade with the brilliant Syahid.

mural-vilmer-1The phrase “don’t lose faith” came from Steve Jobs’s 2005 famous commencement speech in Stanford University. I’d not understand if someone hasn’t watch the video. This video has practically encourage me to make a big change I’m entirely thankful for doing. Now this alone can make a lengthy post itself, but not that for now.

We thought the theme was fitting as this is located in a class where students will be learning… And faith is something you’d want to have other than pencils and (a lot of) erasers. Did I mention other students (and alumnis) draw even more awesome murals all around the place?
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Birthday Popup Card Tutorial

What’s sweeter than getting a pop-up card made with effort for your birthday? By effort I mean something more than typing and posting pictures from your keyboard… Cough cough. Warm up your fingers because it’s time to meet glue and paper again!

I was making two for good friends I got in the postcard community I’m in, and thought that it’d be fun to share it as making pop-up card can be really tricky (at least for me). Worry no more, I have attached the .pdf file needed for the whole tiring exciting process. We’re going to start by preparing on what we need and will march on until you got yourself a flippin’ card.
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