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Gambar gambar (lagi)

<gapenting>Hai semua, apa kabar? Semoga semuanya baik-baik saja. Gue masih sakit hati karena Samsung ngeluarin Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) padahal gue baru beli 7.0 plus April lalu, dan sekarang aja belom jago makenya. Terus tau-tau keluar itu pake OS Ice Cream Sandwich. Udah mana harganya lebih murah. Bete. </gapenting>

Berawal dari twit gue yang nge attach gambar sketch untuk posting ‘Hello, my ex.‘, tiba-tiba gue dimention kaka-kaka lucu @ridu, @ockyfajzars, @selme minta dibuatin gambar juga. Bikinin ga ya…

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Hello, my ex.

No, I’m not talking about my? desperate love life or something, or that I’m going back with one of my ex-boyfriends or anything you think I’d write about in that kind of title. It’s just me making stack of gifs of a cute relationship.

To be exact, this is a simple story about refrain of a good song. Good, as in it reaches almost 100 plays in a week on my iTunes. Yes, it is in Korean, but I guarantee there are no weird words you spell chang ching or chung cheng chong. And nothing about how handsome that one guy out of hundred more guys you cannot differentiate.

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