Mural, Mural on the Wall.

This has been here for awhile, but this was my first time playing in a huge canvas better known as the… wall. Drawn on Villa Merah‘s wall — an awesome art course, really — in a day time by me, my ~teacher~, and a friend of mine Tasha. This mural was based on my very own doodle initially drawn for my (very) first art trade with the brilliant Syahid.

mural-vilmer-1The phrase “don’t lose faith” came from Steve Jobs’s 2005 famous commencement speech in Stanford University. I’d not understand if someone hasn’t watch the video. This video has practically encourage me to make a big change I’m entirely thankful for doing. Now this alone can make a lengthy post itself, but not that for now.

We thought the theme was fitting as this is located in a class where students will be learning… And faith is something you’d want to have other than pencils and (a lot of) erasers. Did I mention other students (and alumnis) draw even more awesome murals all around the place?
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Diarrhea, 17, and The Chronicles of Flowery Patterns

[Disclaimer: this post is written in English, contains rare ingredients (photos of me), imperfect balance (I haven’t learned English for awhile) and some substances potentially causing headache (me reflects my year-long doings). You have been warned.]

So, where did I go? Why don’t someone who loves momentum like me blog like crazy about her turning a year older by talking about the non-existent life lessons? Why the hell you did not see me fighting for my 100th post to meet my birth date? Why hello, I’m just done eating everything for my seventeenth birthday and got diarrhea as the karma. A huge, disgusting diarrhea.

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Shall be Thankful

Whatever I’m doubting becomes invalid as God reveals what lies within the dark sheet of insecurity in me and who knows what else. It’s like He frowns upon me, taps me on the back, and mutters a: “Why worry?” to which I’m left with nothing but a great despair and embarrassment of my so-called self esteem.