An Attempt on Portraits

portrait-sketch-attemptportrait-bts-01 portrait-bts-02

My very, very first attempt on drawing ‘portraits’ sketch. This sounds ridiculous as it is as I never got the guts to actually try it. Trying won’t kill anybody, but as for me, it is a difficult thing to do. ‘What if it sucks’ is on the top of the list why I don’t try to sharpen anything I have (if I do).

But I did it. It’s not anywhere close, but I guess a city isn’t built in a day — is that even a proverb I just read them somewhere hahaha. This is also a tribute to one of the two man in K-pop industry I like. By this time I don’t think you guys need to see the original photo or who is this person I’m drawing… I’ll tell you next time when I got better. Lol so shameful =.=

By the way, the outline were done in May 2012, it was so good at that time I don’t have the courage to continue them. Spent approximately three hours until the finished picture.

TaeNy fanart

Firstly, I’m not a locksmith or TaeNy shipper. They just apparently shot a photoshoot with Elle Girl Korea and I’m trying to find the easiest way to draw as much as SNSD members as possible in one time.

Secondly, this is literally my first time doing this kind of thing in Photoshop. So excuse me and my lacking skill. I personally think I should have done better in Taeyeon and Tiffany’s hair.

P.S.: Now you know my Twitter’s 2nd account.


Hello, my ex.

No, I’m not talking about my? desperate love life or something, or that I’m going back with one of my ex-boyfriends or anything you think I’d write about in that kind of title. It’s just me making stack of gifs of a cute relationship.

To be exact, this is a simple story about refrain of a good song. Good, as in it reaches almost 100 plays in a week on my iTunes. Yes, it is in Korean, but I guarantee there are no weird words you spell chang ching or chung cheng chong. And nothing about how handsome that one guy out of hundred more guys you cannot differentiate.

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